Name:                          Hassan Raza Ghadiri

Father’s name:              Mufty Muzamil Hussain Meismi

Date of birth:                14-August 1954

Place of birth:               Shariyat Manzil, Block V, D.G.Khan

                                        Punjab Province


He was born in a religious family, his father; Mufty Muzamil Hussain Meismi Al-Ghadiri was a great Islamic Shia scholar and the person of jurisprudence (QADHI ASH SHARIYAH).

In addition of traditional education of Pakistan, he started religious study from his father. From beginning to a great position, he’d get knowledge from his great and learned father. Than, according the command of his father, he’d join the an Islamic institute named    DAR AL-HUDA MUHAMMADIYA   in Ali-Pur (a city of Pakistan) from great scholar “The Teacher Of The Teachers” Syed Mohammad Yaar Shah Najafi”, than he got admission in Al-Muntazar University Lahore (JAMIA-TUL-MUNTAZAR).


He has the degrees of

·        Star of learned (NAJM AL-FAAZIL)

·        Moon of learned (QAMR AL-FAAZIL)

·        Sun of learned (SHAMS AL-FAAZIL)

·        King of learned (SULTAN AL-FAAZIL)




·        M.A

Than he went to the institute of QUM (Iran) and study from great teachers and the persons of jurisprudence until high levels and completed his final study (DARS AL-KHARIJ) and got the status of person of jurisprudence (MUJTAHID).

After the successful Islamic revolution of Iran, he got the Islamic Law’s degree and he was appointed as a judge of Islamic court.

Then he went back to Pakistan and started teaching in Al-Muntazar University and got the responsibility of the head of studies, now, he is in United Kingdom serving the teachings of Islam and doing preaching of Islam.

He is the author of many books and he is the founder of many charities, learning resources and organizations, he is the founder of many magazines in different languages, he is the founder of 1st Urdu magazine of Iran.